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Living on Campus

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Living on Campus

Home sweet home.

Residential housing is more than just a place to sleep and study. Living on campus is an integral part of the college experience. On a residential liberal arts campus like ours, learning takes place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers new opportunities that can be both challenging and enjoyable.

  • Discover a new-found feeling of freedom in a safe, supportive, environment.
  • Make meaningful connections and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • Facilitate both personal growth and professional development.
  • Be a great resource and learn to help one another.

Click here for residence hall move-in dates.


Residence Life Support

Keystone College strives to provide the safest and most enjoyable on-campus housing experience for our resident students. 

The Office of Residence Life is staffed with dedicated and trained professionals who live on campus and supervise the Senior Residence Assistants and Resident Assistants.

 The primary goal of the Residence Life Staff is to create an optimal living and learning environment for our students as they adjust to college life and beyond.

Contact Us

Office of Residence Life
Location: Center for Student Life, 2nd Floor, Hibbard Campus Center
Ph: 570-945-8271
email: Residencelife@lvyouhz.com

First-year Resident Student Policy

It is our policy that first year students who live outside a 50-mile radius from Keystone College and are under the age of 21 must live on campus if they are not residing with a parent or legal guardian.

“Living on campus allowed me to be more involved and meet people outside of the classroom that I would not have otherwise met.”

Loren Sykes   |   Resident Student
Visual Arts, Concentration Art Therapy
Minor: Child Psychology

Why live on campus?

Make new friends.

Students living on campus have the unique opportunity to meet and live with people they otherwise would not have had the opportunity to know, and often build friendships that remain strong, long after they graduate.

Get better grades.

Research shows that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their college experience, earn higher grade point averages, and are more likely to graduate.

Save time for studying.

Avoiding the hassle of commuting to and from campus once or twice a day means more time to focus on your studies.

Be active and involved.

Living on campus facilitates both personal growth and professional development. Campus residents have more opportunities to participate in community activities like field trips, film series, guest speakers, open mic events, etc.

Stay connected.

Living on campus provides convenient access to the library, dining services, recreational facilities, and all the other campus resources and students have more opportunities to interact with staff and faculty who can provide invaluable personal guidance, career guidance, and leadership opportunities.

Save money.

Consider ALL the costs (furniture, first and last month’s rent, deposits, water, electricity, gas, cable service, internet service,  meal preparation, and time spent traveling to and from campus) and you’ll find that living off-campus can be very expensive.

  • On campus, everything is included – rent, meals, utilities, furniture, laundry, cable, and Wi-Fi.
  • On campus, there is a supportive community – live in professional staff available to assist residents; dining staff to prepare meals; maintenance staff ready to respond when repairs are needed.

First Year Experience

The FYE encourages students to begin developing their identities by exploring personal values, identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement, and making safe and socially responsible decisions. This program also focuses on effective community engagement by supporting students as they develop a sense of belonging and as they come to understand how their actions affect the world around them.